Alone in Berlin [Maeve 2018]


His debut EP on Maeve has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait as the record now really reflects his deep musicality.

Although not sounding like a typical Maeve dance floor record, the A side entitled "Alone in Berlin" is a stunningly beautiful piece of music. Its measured melancholic flow creates a shared empathy between listener and composer.

"Wash Over Me" is the A2, and with it comes a change of pace moving into a broken beat rhythm but still maintaining the emotion of the A side. Haunting pads hang over clean staccato percussion creating an overall euphoric vibe.

"Losing Someone Is Never Easy" is the final track on the EP on the B side. This straight up house cut again shows Sheridans deep musicality using a wide range of instruments to weave a beautiful tapestry made for special dance floor moments.

released April 13, 2018


1. Kev Sheridan - Alone In Berlin

2. Kev Sheridan - Wash Over Me

3. Kev Sheridan - Losing Someone

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